Revolutions In Animal Farm And The Syrian Revolution

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Revolutions are fundamentally unavoidable when democracy fails to exist. Revolutions occur when people feel unjust and mistreated. In Animal Farm, George Orwell writes of a revolution by farm animals against their human leader, Jones. The lack of a democracy and harsh inequality is the root cause of this revolution. In December of 2010 large uprisings and revolutions started around the Middle East and Northern Africa known as Arab Spring. In mid-March of 2011, the Syrian people protested the torture of students and fiercely demanded reforms, then, the government killed four protesters. This results in a full blown civil war, still ongoing to this very day. In both of these cases, revolutions are fighting against the politics of barbaric totalitarianism and inadmissible greed. Although the Animal Farm revolution and the Syrian revolution are vastly different in duration and cause, both share one thing in common – torture and inhumane actions towards the general public.
In mid-March of 2011 a large spillover of the Tunisian revolutions into Syria produced nation-wide protests. A group of students had put up anti-government graffiti around the city. They were then brutally chastised by the Syrian government. As a result, the Syrian people took to the streets to protest the inhumane torture that the students were facing (BBC). In addition, the people of Syria also protested equal rights for all Kurds and basic freedoms, such as freedom of speech, assembly, and press. In

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