Divorced Beheaded Survived Story

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Do young people and children know what death means and imply? As a child, death seems far away in the future, but when it suddenly becomes a reality to someone you love, do you really respect it, and finds out that it is not something to play with. The little bubble of peace, love and harmony every child has, will suddenly be blown to several pieces, when death steps in. The harsh and true world will show up at its darkest side. Death can affect people for the rest of their lives, which is also the case in this short story. Sometimes life take a radically and unexpected turn, in a direction you have not expected. That kind of situations can be difficult to handle, which this family really realizes. Even though death seems to ruin your entire life, does life goes on, which no one can deny.

The short story, ’’… Divorced, Beheaded, Survived’’ , is a short story about a family that has to deal with death on closets hold. The consequences of death, both physically and mentally, can be very hard to tackle, which definitely is something this family exposed to.

This short story introduces a family, existing of four people. The mother, Sarah, the father, Lyle, their son Mark, and their daughter, …show more content…

Many years. The crackling bacon is a symbol of Mark’s life after Peter death. Mark’s life was crackling at that point, which also was the case for Sarah, when Terry died.

The structure of the text is very disturbing, due to the jumps in the text. It changes between past and present when Sarah, Terry and their friends are playing theatre, because it was back in their childhood. It is present when Sarah tells about her family and the troubles they face, due to Peter’s death. It is a problem for the family to because no parent wants to see their children sad and unhappy.
The jumps in this text make it difficult and confusing, but it does also make a connection from Sarah’s childhood to Mark’s childhood, which gives the reader something to compare.

The message in this story is that life goes on, even though it seems like it do not. Sometimes you have to let something go, before you can be ready for new things and challenges in life. Sarah moved on after Terry’s death, and Sarah is convinced that Mark is able to move on as well, so there is a connection between Sarah and Mark’s life in this

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