Compare And Contrast Hitchhiker And An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge

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Everyone with a family cares for each other, even when they are dying or want to die. Sometimes when family members are dying, it brings the family close together, which is a good thing. But sometimes the one family member feels left out or they don’t what is happening in their life, so they want to die, which is not always the best answer.“The Hitchhiker” by Lucille Fletcher is a play about a son that is going to California for a trip.“ An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge” is a short story that is about Peyton who died hanging from a bridge.Lucille Fletcher's “The Hitchhiker” and Ambrose Bierce's “An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge” by Ambrose Bierce, while having many distinct differences, are largely similar in theme and purpose of craft moves. Both texts share the idea about death. For example, In “The Hitchhiker” Adams is seeing this hitchhiker on the side of the road, but he doesn’t know how he keeps seeing him at every corner. …show more content…

The water roared in his ears like the voice of Niagara, yet he heard the dulled thunder of the volley and, rising again toward the surface, met shining bits of metal, singularly flattened, oscillating slowly downward. Some of them touched him on the face and hands, then fell away, continuing their descent. One lodged between his collar and neck; it was uncomfortably warm and he snatched it out.As he rose to the surface, gasping for breath, he saw that he had been a long time under water; he was perceptibly farther downstream nearer to safety. The soldiers had almost finished reloading; the metal ramrods flashed all at once in the sunshine as they were drawn from the barrels, turned in the air, and thrust into their sockets. The two sentinels fired again, independently and ineffectual. The hunted man saw all this over his shoulder; he was now swimming vigorously with the current. His brain was as energetic as his arms and legs; he thought with the rapidity of lightning”(Bierce

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