A Worn Path Character Analysis

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The story “A Worn Path” by Eudora Welty is about a woman named Phoenix Jackson on a long journey into town, but it 's much more than a regular walk into town. There are obstacles and struggle, but she never stops and lets no one get in the way. That journey represent the way she has lived her life. The way she fought for where she is today. Phoenix Jackson is the major in this story, and she is also the protagonist. She is very strong and a fighter. Phoenix will work for anything no matter how hard it is. She also keeps a positive attitude through every obstacle and never gives up, yet she does have some struggles. She is older and more fragile. It takes her longer and slower to get to town, but she never stops she just keeps going. Phoenix quest is to get to town to get her grandson the medicine he needs. Her grandson is very ill and can not get his own medicine. That 's why everyday she take the longer journey to go into town. She knows the journey is going to be long and hard, but she is willing to push through the struggle to help her grandson. During the journey she meets a lot of people who try to push her down. They say she’s too weak to make the longer journey. That she should stop trying. One of those characters where the man and the dog. The man was making fun of her. Saying she is to old and shes crazy for even trying it, but he does not know the reason why she is doing it. He does not understand she has a sick child at home. People she never make fun of a

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