Aa Meeting Reflection Paper

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Walking into an AA meeting most first timers are defensive in search for all reasons they can gather to prove they don’t belong there. Whether you are an alcoholic or not these meetings open up your perspectives on a whole array of subjects. I didn’t exactly have a certain expectation on how the meeting would be like, however I didn’t think a majority would be as involved as they were. The meeting had an environment that made it safe to share and to connect with one another. As well throughout the duration of the session the lights were off, which added to the feeling of privacy in the sense that no one felt they were being spoken to directly. Everyone had that time frame to be open with one another and realize they all had similarities. This ambient made the guest speaker 's story feel like every ones story too, enjoyable, funny, and inspirational. Yet there was a feeling of support which filled the room that was always encouraging. She was proof that goals with addiction can be accomplished and through it she discovered she is able to share her experiences and motivate others every day. A memorable part was towards the end was when the group individually introduced themselves. One of the men who attended admitted that when he …show more content…

Alcohol can assist with that and apparently it’s useful to store them way inside in a vault that hopes to never open. To surpass alcoholism you can’t stay in your past. Getting rid of those former ideas that have brought you where you are now is essential, think new and so you will become. I learned from this meeting that with any addiction you must act to become that which you wish to surpass. Even if you need to fake it at first, this is how you attain the rhythm of things. Act yourself into superior thinking and this is in reality a mindset that can be used for almost anything. Ultimately there is no book available that will provide you with every answer. The answers exist within

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