My Pediatrics Clinical Report

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It was October 2014, the third semester of the nursing school, the most concern semester. It was obstetric and pediatric class, my biggest weakness. However, this semester would be life changing for me. I knew I was in for a real challenge, since it was the start of my Pediatrics clinical rotation. My first day on the unit I was assigned to the Labor and Delivery Floor and there was the first C-section of the day and I was finally going to have my chance to witness a live child birth. I was anxious and nervous to see what the day would bring. The mother whom I was assigned to was very agreeable to having me there, which made me both at ease and excited. The mother was a 30 year old who was pregnant with her first child. The mother was scheduled for a C-section at …show more content…

Around 10:30 a.m. a nurse came in to give an IV. A few minutes later, the anesthesiologist came in and a pillow was put over patient lap and bent forward to receive spinal. The nurse then inserted a bladder catheter. The doctor poked belly and cut open stomach until the baby moving at the top of belly. I also stared the doctor pushing down on the top of patient belly to coax the little one out. It was a little uncomfortable, but five minutes later she had a new baby. I was overwhelmed, amazement, and shock. The mother asked me a question why baby so blue? I answered her that C-section babies sometimes need a little help getting the fluid out of their airways, so they may appear bluer than other newborns. However, after a quick suction by the nurse, the baby turned a healthy pink. The mother and father were so happy, they were crying, I was almost crying! They asked if I would take pictures of them holding the baby. I was shaking so badly from the adrenaline and emotion of it all, I could barely hold the camera. After the surgery, the baby was placed on mother chest and they were taken to a recovery room. After arrived at the recovery room the mother asked me why she was so cold. I

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