How Did Abigail Adams Fight For Women's Rights

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In a time of fighting for freedom, not all felt free. The new declaration claims “All men are created equal”, leaving the women still with no rights and completely relying on men.
Abigail Adams, the wife of John Adams, used her position to bring forward her own strong feminist views and felt women should be included in the declaration. Abigail’s fight for women's rights made an extensive impact on history because she pioneered a path for future women to come. While Abigail Adams fought for women's rights, John Adams thought women should just be house workers and supporters. Abigail Adams was born in 1744 in Weymouth, Massachusetts to William Smith and Elizabeth Smith. She was taught at home about women’s work such as domestic skills, sewing, cooking, and reading and writing. When Abigail reached the age of nineteen, she and John began exchanging letters back and forth until it couldn't last and they married. John Adams a young Harvard educated lawyer moved her out to his home in Braintree and started a family together. “Three years after being married the couple had Abigail in 1765, John in 1767, Susanna …show more content…

There he worked on treaties and loans with the European countries for the Colonies. “After five years of being in the colonies, finally Abigail and her daughter join John in Europe”(). While the couple traveled around Europe, John focused on work and Abigail took classes to further educate herself. Abigail meets Jefferson in their travels and become close friends and also exchanged about 40 letters. “Later, John was appointed the minister to England until 1788. Then the two and their daughter moved back to Massachusetts ”(Discovery Education). After a bumpy start and five years apart Abigail was able to reunite with

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