Examples Of John In The Crucible

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A crucible can either be defined as a vessel of heat resisting material used for high temperature chemical reactions, or a test or trial of the most severe and decisive kind. In the Crucible, a play written by Arthur Miller, takes place in Salem, Massachusetts, during the Salem Witch Trials. Witchery is thought of as evil by the puritans living there. Witchery was believed to be linked with the devil, and bad luck. In the film version of the crucible, when someone was accused of witchery, by a group of girls who claimed to be able to see the devil with them, they were brought to court. The trial would continue until this person confessed to witchery, which would break their contract with the devil, or until they were executed. One of the pillars of the community is John Proctor. John …show more content…

When John is in a secluded place, Abigail approaches him. Abigail begs to continue the affair they once had, but John declines. Abigail used to work for John’s family, and that's how the affair had begun. John realized his mistake, and could never go back to her. Even when she forced a kiss upon him, he physically pushed her away and left. This shows how John is a crucible because he is resisting the heat of his past mistakes. Even when put on the spot, he remains intact and pushes her away. Another example of John Proctor acting as a crucible is when he is accused of witchery. When he is accused by a girl named Mary Warren, he does not confess. He instead shouts “God is dead!” He does this because he is sick of all the lies, and wonders that if here was a god, why he would let this happen. When given the option to confess to avoid all punishment, he stands his ground, and dies with his dignity. This shows how John is a crucible because he does not crack under the pressure of confessing to something he didn't do. He stands under the pressure, and stays together, and dies for the

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