Abigail's Fallacy In The Crucible '

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Abigail’s self centered mentality is the reason why she uses fallacies to assert her dominance over others. For example, Abigail uses the Argument ad Baculum fallacy to force Mercy and Mary into submission. Before the usage of the fallacy, Abigail was pestering the girls to have the same story of the night before so she would not get into trouble for doing witchcraft. Suddenly, Betty regains consciousness and shouts about how Abigail was practicing witchcraft. Instead of Abigail finding a way to distress the situation, she violently attacks Betty. Then Abigail threatens all of the girls that if they confess to anyone, she will “bring a pointy reckoning that will shudder you”. Even though Abigail’s threat did work, it only worsen her situation.

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