Abortion Debate: Roe Vs. Wade

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Abortion has been a sensitive topic for many years to come. A lot of people feel strongly against abortion, because of religious aspects. Then there are other people who think abortion is something that should be kept for certain reasons. For example, if a teenage girl got raped, there is the option of abortion. That is how the people view it, then there is how the government views it. There are different parts of the government like the political parties, the special interest groups, the president. After the great debate of Roe vs Wade there has been many debates even violence associated with the idea of abortion. Background information of Roe vs. Wade was that it turned mostly everyone against abortion because the government decided to keep …show more content…

“The Democratic Party strongly and unequivocally supports Roe vs. Wade and a woman 's right to make decisions regarding her pregnancy, including a safe and a legal abortion, regardless of ability to pay” (Democratic Party on Abortion 1). They believe that an abortion is something personal decision with the family and the women.They do not think it is right for the government to intervene. They believe it is a constitutional right, their goal is to have less abortions they believe it is possible by the government not being in between. The president view on the subject supports the women 's choice, also supports planned parenthood and sends money to help the business grow. Refuses to use his presidential powers to shut down the bill because then it will be the end for gender-self …show more content…

Something that had the media go crazy in Texas is that the federal court is upholding the texas law that is putting mostly all of the state 's abortion clinics at risk of shutting down. In July 1st most of the clinics needed to be shut down and the nearest abortion provider is miles away. Some interest group taking having an opinion in the idea of abortion is the “anti-abortion group they had targeted key congressional races across the country and provided financial support for Republican presidential candidates. political spending from anti-abortion groups has increased markedly since the 2008 cycle” (OpenSecrets 1). There was also a bill passed to further “restrict the use of federal funds in abortion procedures” (OpenSecrets 1). Even though the idea of abortion is very controversial because there are lots of different religious aspects and opinions in the world. The government is still working on ways to benefit everyone 's opinion. The house of Representatives, congress, the supreme court, the president debate every day on new bills to be passed to make the people

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