Abortion In Debate Essay

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An issue that has liberals and conservatives in debate is abortion. The reason for this is that they both have very different viewpoints in this topic. In various ways conservatives are always more traditional in their beliefs. As opposed to liberals’ conservatives are believed to be a little more “old-fashioned” and believe that abortion can be considered a murder. To them an abortion is taking someone’s life and possibly committing a sin. Liberals are the complete opposite they believe that women have the right to decide over their own bodies, and that a fetus is not yet a human life. Therefore, I do not support abortion. My believe is that abortion is taking someone’s life who didn 't ask to be created. In that way, I guess you can say that …show more content…

Abortion is viewed here like it is in the conservative way. It has many “old fashioned” ways. This is the one that overpowers in Texas. Many peoples’ traditions and beliefs are the ones that take over this abortion topic. It is viewed badly as a sin in the Religious way. (Texas Politics Today). It is believed to go against god and its religious values. This also has much social pressure and it is believed to be taking someone’s life as a murder. These beliefs are more personal rather than governmental solutions to many of the problems we have. This traditionalistic culture fits in with the conservatives. In conclusion, I am on the side of the conservatives. I do not believe abortion should be in any way shape or form legal. I also belief it is a murder and that women should take this topic more serious. I believe that if this unwanted pregnancy was caused by violation or rape that the fetus should be born and then given up for adoption rather than to kill or murder it. Greg Abbott to me has made a very fair law when it comes to abortion here in Texas. A fetus is a life, it becomes a life the moment its heart beats. It is a life that did not ask to be brought to this world specially to be killed in the horrific way they do it. By destroying it the way they do. That is why when it comes to abortion, I am against

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