Abraham Lincoln's Accomplishments

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Abraham Lincoln is one of America’s most beloved presidents for not only his incredible impact on our nation, but also for his interesting backstory. He, despite his humble beginnings, saved our Union, and emancipated the slaves, making him an unforgettable president. His dedication to our country, and his beliefs show a great example of what many people want America to be, and are what many countries strive for.
Abraham Lincoln was born in Hardin County Kentucky to Thomas and Nancy Hanks Lincoln. He had two siblings, an older sister named Sarah, and a younger brother Thomas who unfortunately died as an infant. In 1817, they forced to move to Perry County due to a land dispute, and they settled on a property. They hunted game and farmed a small piece of land for a while until they were able to buy the land. When Abraham was just nine years old, his mother died of tremetol, and it deeply affected him, as he started to resent his father for making him work so much as a small child, and grew sadder trying to mourn the loss of his mother. Thomas eventually got married to …show more content…

He was one of very few Whigs in Illinois and openly didn’t support to the Mexican-American war, making him not so popular so he decided not to run again, but instead to go to Springfield to practice law. When the Kansas-Nebraska Act passed, Lincoln then was interested in politics again and joined the Republican Party. Lincoln was just vaulted into national politics, and when the time came for voting for president, he barely made 40% of the votes, but his electoral votes were 303 to 180, so Lincoln won that pretty easily. He picked a strong cabinet, and he would need it because America was just about to go through their worst war yet, the Civil War. During the Civil War, Lincoln was very famously known for writing the Gettysburg address, and was also known for winning the Civil War and freeing the

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