Accusations In The Crucible

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The Crucible
Throughout the Salem Witchcraft trials 19 people were accused and executed. The main cause of accusations was, greed, vengeance, and grudges. During the Salem witch trials there were several accusers. I believe that the people that mainly caused the trails were Abigail Williams, Judge Danforth, and Mary Warren.
Abigail Williams was a young and rebellious adult, who did reckless things that endangered others. She was the first one to accuse others of witchcraft. In reality she was just dancing in the forest with her friend. Abigail was being a complete egomaniac when she said to the other girls that they danced, did not conjure spirts, or did anything else. Abigail lied again when she told Hale, that a frog jumped into the kettle …show more content…

On pages 80 and 81 Giles was explaining to the court that he did not accuse his wife. Hale then tried to back him up. Danforth’s response was “Then let him submit his evidence in proper affident. You are certainly aware of our procedure here, Mr. Hale.” When Proctor said that the girls were faking everything Danforth said that he has seen people choke right before his eyes. Due to that he dismissed what Proctor said and continued the hearings, because he would no longer be an esteemed judge because he acted wrong. On pages 86 and 87, Danforth was handed a paper with 91 signatures stating good opinion of Elizabeth Proctor, Rebecca, and Martha Corey. Danforth’s response to the signatures was “…Mr. Cheever, have warrants drawn for all of these-arrest for examination…” 91 people are going to be arrested because they vouched for their friend. Due to Abigail’s disappearance Parris wanted Danforth to postpone the hanging’s, and on page 118 his response was “There will be no postponements.” On page 133 the irony was when Danforth said that he would not accept another lie, by accepting Proctor’s signature he accepted a

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