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Values, Rights, and Duties of Patient and Significant Persons It is Jared’s right to make the decision about whether to disclose his disease, based on the principle of autonomy. He has the right to be heard and the right to privacy and confidentiality. Additionally, Jared values his health and the relationships that he forms with his coworkers and wants to consider all aspects before making any decision. It is his duty to make sure that he takes care of himself and is not taking any risky behaviors that may lead to spreading the disease. The other employees of the restaurant also value their health and relationships and want to make sure that Jared feels welcome to his new position, while also having the duty to not discriminate. Lastly, …show more content…

The ACF code of ethics states (among other pledges) that any professional chef should provide services that contribute to the health and welfare of society, to act with honesty, integrity, and fairness, to provide services in non-discriminatory way, and to show professional respect for all coworkers (American Culinary Federation, 2008). As a professional chef and as a member of a staff including chefs, Jared should be following these guidelines and his coworkers should be as well. As Jared has come to the clinic and is asking for advice from the nurse, another relevant ethics code is from the American Nursing Association (ANA). Provision 1.4 in the ANA states that patients have the right to make the decisions that will affect them; nurses must respect their autonomy but also make sure that their decisions are informed and that support is being provided. Additionally, under provision 1.4, nurses are obligated to be informed with and comprehend the moral and legal rights that bequeath each patient (American Nurses Association, 2015). Provision 3.1 articulates that each patient has the right to privacy and confidentiality. Therefore, the disclosure of Jared’s HIV status should be completely under his control and the nurse should respect the patient’s rights. If it is essential that information be disclosed to other providers, the information should be appropriate and directly relevant to the task at hand (American Nurses Association,

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