The Symbolism Of Achilles Pain In Achilles In The Vietnam War

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Achilles anger increase with the death of patrocles by him wanting to kill all of the Trojans. Achilles started to throw their bodies in the river which displayed that he showed no remorse or compassion for them. Achilles treated Hector’s body as if he wasn’t a person. He dragged him and kept torturing him for twelve days even thought he was already dead. The burial of hector is a symbol of how Achilles anger is calming down. In the book Achilles in Vietnam by Jonathan Shay, the author talks about how wars effect the solider when they come back. Shays main focus is the PTSD that the soldiers come back with. Shay also compare and contrasts the connections between the Greek soldiers and the soldiers of the Vietnam War. Shay shows how the character

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