Achilles 'Recovering Patroclus Battle Of Troy'

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• Achilles decides to send Patroclus into battle. 1. A weeping Patroclus tells Achilles of the Greeks' plight. He asks Achilles to allow him to wear Achilles' armor and to lead the Myrmidons into battle. 2. Achilles pours a libation and prays to Zeus for Patroclus' success. • The battle 1. Patroclus himself kills many Trojans between the ships and the ditch, while others flee back towards Troy. 2. Sarpedon comes up to face Patroclus in single combat, and Zeus wonders whether he should rescue his son; but Hera advises him to let destiny take its course, and Zeus agrees. Patroclus kills Sarpedon, who with his dying breath calls upon Glaukos to protect his corpse. 3. Battle rages around the carcass of Sarpedon, but in the end Zeus decides to

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