Act 3 Scene 4 Hamlet Analysis

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Hamlet is a play of mystery. Characters uses masks in Hamlet to hide their true self. Hamlet is at conflict the whole play not being able to see through the masks. In Act 3 Scene 4 Hamlet is trying to act upon his goal of revenging his father’s death. This scene shows the themes of masks and Hamlets inability to act. Hamlet resorts to rashness due to his frustration by not being able to see past the mask of polonius when he 's trying to act. As the scene begins Polonius and Gertrude are discussing how they will be spying on Hamlet: “I’ll warrant you. Fear me not. Withdraw, I hear him coming” (3.4.9-10). Polonius goes to hide behind the arras as Hamlet comes in. Both Gertrude and Polonius are conspiring against Hamlet together. Gertrude is behind her own mask as Polonius is spying behind the curtain; Hamlet cannot get behind these barriers resulting in his frustration. This frustation is what plays a major role …show more content…

I took thee for thy better”( 3.4.38). Hamlet is satisfied with the murdering of Polonious, even though he wanted to kill Claudius. At this point, Hamlet realizes he has the ability to act and kill. Hamlet adapts this rash mentality causing him no longer think, but just act. Hamlet believes the killing of Polonius was “for thy better” proving that he is not phased that he just mudered someone cold blooded. This reaction shows how rash Hamlet was when he killed Polonius. Previously, Hamlet was afraid to kill himself and then changes to this rash mentality and takes the life of someone and is not even affected by it. This scene shows how masks affect Hamlet’s thoughts, but more importantly his action. He his inability to find the truth causes him to act in an extreme manner. His mentality change completely no longer thinking before action, compared to his lack of action due this overthinking. The overthinking is shown in Hamlet’s soliloquy: “ To die, to

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