Act Of Vengeance Analysis

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Vengeance has been an ongoing problem for many centuries. In the long run, with the new generation, they have been following the same pattern to get revenge, without knowing the reasons why. If no one is willing to stop and think it over, to evaluate if it’s worth the risk, then the act of vengeance will be ongoing at the cost of many lives. Many people do not realize that having to avenge the death of a loved one will take so much time and patience in their lives. In the short story, “An Act of Vengeance,” by Isabel Allende, the issue involves a young girl who gets raped by Tadeo Cespedes, whom also killed her father on the same day. She has lived her life with the burden of having to avenge her father’s death for 30 years. However, in the film, “Act of Vengeance,” directed by Isaac Florentine, pertains to a lawyer who considers his work more important than his family until it was too late. His wife and daughter were murdered and dumped in a hole at the train yard. Therefore, he starts to train himself for the mission of vengeance for his family deaths. There are several similarities between a short story and a film that are about an act of vengeance the theme also differences in characterization, setting, style, and irony.
The similarity of the short story and the movie is the theme, in that they are both involved in a personal war from one person to another. Because battle of war, Tadeo Cespedes final mission was to attack Dulce’s village where her life was happy and

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