Ada Lovelace Accomplishments

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Most Americans have a personal computer in their households. Ada Lovelace is the one that made that happen. Lovelace was born on December 10, 1815, in London, United Kingdom. She was raised without a father figure but had many adult figures such as her mother and her many tutors who helped develop her love of science and math. She wrote “Notes” on Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine, which has many of the traits as today’s modern computer. Her “Notes” described how Babbage’s Analytical Engine worked and described how it could possibly solve problems that were not ever able to be solved before. She died on November 27, 1852, of uterine cancer and was laid to rest in a church next to her father. While Lovelace did not technically invent the computer, she did help come up with an idea that is similar to the computer now. Lovelace had …show more content…

Two major influences that impacted the life and career of applied math mathematician Ada Lovelace were her mother, Lady Byron, and Charles Babbage.
One huge influence that contributed to Lovelace’s love for science and mathematics was her mother, Lady Byron. When Lovelace was one month old, Lady Byron left her husband and took Lovelace with her. Her dad left England and never saw Lovelace again (“Ada Byron King” 1). Lady Byron constantly worried Lovelace would have adopted bad traits from her father, but she knew Lovelace inherited the lack of self-control from him (“Augusta” 1). Joan Baum wrote about Lady Byron in her novel The Calculating Passion of Ada Byron: “Lady Byron had insisted on the cultivation of

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