Adam Ant Depression Research Paper

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Depression is something that doesn’t just go away. It’s just there and you deal with it. It’s like malaria. Maybe it won’t be cured, but you’ve got to take the medication you’re prescribed, and you stay out of situations that are going to trigger it.” This is said by Adam Ant which is so true because depression cannot be cured but all we can do is to avoid triggering it. Depression is a common but also a very serious disorder. It causes a person to be overcome with severe sadness and of worthlessness. It is an illness involving the mood, body, daily activities, feeling about oneself, and the way one thinks about things. Thousands of people undergo depression daily. It has become one of the most widespread illnesses that harms many people in …show more content…

People think that their problems will go away when they drink alcohol and drugs. It is true that they would feel ease and relax when they take it but what they do not know is that they would just feel more depressed. Thinking that it would help them avoid their problems in life whether it be broken relationships, loss of an important person, or conflicts with family or friends. This is not the case, because if a person consumes an excessive amount of alcohol and drugs, it will lead to more serious and hard to cure illnesses. In fact, alcohol is a depressant which helps increase a person’s depression more. When you drink too much, you are more likely to make bad decisions, act on impulse, engage into an accident, or it will lead you to death. For example, a girl had broken up with a man after being together within 5 years. Now this man was so in love with her and he doesn’t know why she broke up with him. He was very devastated and he tried many dates with other girls but all he cared about was her. To forget her, he drank with his friends that frequently drink. He became to rely on alcohol that one day when he was drunk driving and had an accident in which he almost died. This scenario is also true when you are drowning yourself with drugs. Drugs are more insidious than alcohol. Drugs can seizures, stroke and widespread braid damage that leads to instant death. Even though the medicines prescribed are also drugs, they must be controlled, for it can be abused by the taker. Self-medication is common to people who already have the experience of substance abuse. The abuse of taking drugs and frequent intake of alcohol will lead to more depression and chronic

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