Adams Plumbing Case Summary

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The Investigator met with Investigator Michael Dattilio from Hellertown Police Dept. 685 Main St. Hellertown, Pa. 18055 (610) 838-7040 in reference to Judge Tidd’s investigation. Dattilio explained that Tidd, acting as attorney for Adams Plumbing, wrote up an agreement on April 26, 2013. The agreement between Douglas Adams, owner of Adams Plumbing, and former employee, Stephanie Gail Molloy, who acknowledged by written statement, that she improperly took funds from Adams Plumbing when she was the office manager. The agreement determined that Molloy would repay $88,000 to Adams. Tidd drew up the agreement and received his attorney fee for representing Adams. After receiving the money Adams later claimed there was more money missing and

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