Advantages And Disadvantages Of Electronic Records Management

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Nowadays, technology is changing rapidly around the world. Technology is also making a simple matter of difficulty. For example, in the management of their own records. Records management repositories, archives or organization, there are a number of difficulties to manage it in a better way. But, nowadays, electronic records have been created and used to manage it in a good way. A profeesional archives need to have careful planning and long-term outlook can overcome these risks and ensuring that consumers can trust the legal requirements and operational.

Electronic records also give guidelines and provide information on various topics, such as file format and file naming, strategic management of electronic records, and electronic document …show more content…

This document provides information relating to the terms and acronyms recognized by the document management industry that best describes the underlying technology allows the reader to have a base from which they can determine what is required by the organization regardless of product names, or abbreviations that are used by multiple vendors.
Records management applications (RMAs) is considered as the software used by an organization to manage its records. The RMAs key management function is catorizing and track record and identify records due for disposal. RMA software can also be situated, recover and dispose of electronic records that are stored in a building through the …show more content…

The goal is to destroy what needs to be destroyed within the correct time and to adequately safeguard access to what is maintained, using the ERM and related technologies. The organization will have a problem when they start working on this exercise is that they cannot understand all the factors that ERM rely on to succeed. A major factor in the success of projects ERM ERM coordinate with other organizations need to manage information technology. Value for success with the ERM would be adversely affected if other parts of the jigsaw puzzle not pieced together information management. For example, the documents are well managed in ERM affected if the e-mail, discussion, instant messaging and web content remains a liability. IM professionals must work together across organizations, pursuing every initiative in line with other

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