Advantages And Disadvantages Of Justin Trudeaus Reform Canadian Senate

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In efforts to better the Canadian senate Prime Minister Justin Trudeau publically stated that he plans to reform the senate. While critics of this part of parliament state that it is a system that needs to be abolished arguing that it is deepy partisan, laced in scandal with a lack of accountability and legitimacy. Justin trudeaus reforms call to make the public trustworthy of this institution; resolving some of this issues above.It is my position that the senate is a valuable institution for Canada and this will be explained through the exploration of the powers of the senate, weighing its advatanges and its disadvantages, ending with the trudeaus plans and current modification of the senate. This paper will begin will an analysis of the powers of the senate The senate is long lived insition in Canada that functions as part of parliament notably along with …show more content…

Financial scandal laced the senate when sentors like Mike Duffy were accused of stating that their occupancy was not in Ottawa but in another part of Canada to have their expeneses paid for.Although he eventually has acquitted of all charges, this left citizen, and viewing the senate as robbing them of their tax paying money for inexcusable reasons. Another issue presented by critics is that it is not truly representative of the people as members of senate the are appointed not elected and are simply people affiliated with the prime ministers party; making him use this right to appoint senators to thank people for being commited to his party; taking away the origical intention of the party to be a check against the go’vt to being used tactifully by prime minster as an automatic check for their gov’t. Trudeau’s plans resolve these issues affording transparency in this inst’and ridding it of partisanship in ways that will be explained in the next parapraph of this

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