Advantages And Disadvantages Of Turbomachiner

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Turbomachinery that describes machines which transmits energy between a rotor and a fluid, counting both compressors and turbines. Transformation of energy from a fluid to a rotor is carried out by turbine, whilst transformation of energy from a rotor to fluid is carried out by compressor. The machines both turbine and compressor preside over by the same basic relationships including Newton’s second law of motion and Euler’s energy equation for compressible fluids.
Definition of Turbomachine Any device that extracts energy from or imparts energy to a continuously moving stream of fluid (i.e. Liquid or Gas) can be termed as Turbomachine. Turbomachinery finds many applications in commercial, Industrial, Military
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• Combustion Gas Turbines do not require heat transfer equipment on the low-temperature side, and no coolant either
• They operate at relatively low pressures.
Limitations of Gas turbines
• They have relatively low efficiency since their maximum temperature is limited by material.
• Their efficiency is low because of the high compressor work, and low efficiency of compressors.
• Open cycle turbines are limited by the high exhaust temperature, which limits the turbine work.
• They cannot be used with “dirty” fuels, such as coal, since sulfur oxides can damage their blades.
The machine which takes in air or any other gas at low pressure and compresses it to high pressure are called compressors. Compressors are driven by electric motors, I.C.engines, gas turbines. A compressor which is used for increasing the pressure of air is termed as air compressor.
Compressor which is used in aircraft engines to compress air, i.e., to convert kinetic energy of fluid ( or air) to high pressure energy. Usually in aircraft engines, compressors are used to increase pressure ratio before entering into combustion
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Good compressor performance which directly improves the combustion process thereby increasing turbine inlet temperature. Compressor blade performance depends on Tip clearance, Stagger gap, Stage loading, Diffusion factor and flow coefficient. Hence improving compressor blade design is significant for better efficiency of engine.
The main objective of this project is to:
1. To introduce optimum design for improved performance of the compressor.
2. To increase efficiency of compressor.
• Compressor – A machine which converts kinetic energy of the fluid to pressure energy.
• Rotor – The rotating airfoils are known as rotors or blades which accelerate the fluid.
• Stator – The stationary airfoils are known as stators or vanes which convert the increased rotational kinetic energy into static pressure through diffusion.
In Chapter 1, the introduction for the thesis with the basic definitions and concepts turomachinery and compressors are given. The various types of turbomachinery and compressors are briefed with example. The general classification of compressor which is used in this project is explained.
In Chapter 2, the review of literature with the references such as journals, conference papers, and books are

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