Anesthesia Advantages And Disadvantages

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TIVA may be favoured as the anesthetic technique of choice for the following reasons ADVANTAGES OF TIVA: 1. Rapid smooth induction and maintenance of anesthesia Induction of anesthesia with propofol is smooth and associated with a low incidence of excitatory side effects. Doses of 1 to 2.5 mg/kg (depending on patient age, physical status, and use of premedicant drugs) induce anesthesia in approximately 30 seconds. The speed of onset and the dose of propofol needed for induction are dependent on the administration rate. (Sear, 2012) One advantage of propofol as an induction agent is the greater depression of pharyngeal and laryngeal reactivity. This can be of benefit during upper airway instrumentation and insertion of the laryngeal mask airway.…show more content…
The exposure of anesthetist to inhalational anesthetics is higher as compared to other operation theater personals and may even cross the limits of environmental tolerance. (Sukhminder & Jasbir,…show more content…
Environment friendly as eliminates waste gases Anesthetics are commonly used during surgery with the aim of providing the patient with an experience free of sights, sounds, and any other unpleasant sensations. The major atmospheric effects that may arise from emission of volatile anesthetics are their contributions to ozone depletion in the stratosphere and to greenhouse warming in the troposphere. (Yasny & White, 2012) Over the years there have been significant improvements in the control of environmental contamination by anesthetic gases. These have been accomplished through the use and improved design of scavenging systems, installation of more effective general ventilation systems, and an increased attention to equipment maintenance and leak detection, as well as careful anesthetic practice. TIVA is one of the main methods to achieve this as it totally eliminates these waste gases. (Yasny & White, 2012) 6. Ideal operating conditions for neurologic surgery with reduced cerebral brain flow, decreased intracranial pressure, and decreased cerebral metabolic rate for oxygen, and in the case of propofol, preservation of cerebral autoregulation and vascular

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