M1 Unit 4 Seminar

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Unit 4 Seminar
The unit seminar is a lecture type in which the instructors at Kaplan University (KU) have to go over certain topics, subjects, or assignment. The lecture that the instructors have to go over most of the time go in detail how what the students should do and what these instructors are expected from these students. These seminars are important, and this is the moment the students can ask a live question and receives a clarification either to an assignment or a group project. To encourage the students to attend or to participate in these seminars, KU sometimes gives a 5 or 10 points for attendance. In addition, any student who misses the seminar, there is another arrangement that is made which is very good for this student not only …show more content…

This seminar was very informative. The instructor of this class, Dr. Elizabeth Frander, gave a lot of information more specifically on the mid-term exam. Dr. Frander clarified to the students what should be expected in the mid-term exam, and how to answer certain questions. According to her, the mid-term exam will have an about 45 questions, and all the students will have 2 hours to take that exam. Dr. Frander went over the question how to differentiate the neoplastic cells, and also the difference between the benign and the tumor cells. From these questions that were given out by Dr. Frander, many students should have a great understanding what to expect to the mid-term exam. Dr. Frander really encouraged us to study because most of these questions are difficult. For instance, she gave us an example in a patient who has COPD/ emphysema. What we have concluded from this question what they are looking for the emphysema patients don’t have a problem of taking air in rather they have a problem of taking the air out. The main problem of the emphysema, they have a lot of mucus, and the alveoli which where the gas exchange takes is impaired. As a result, these patients can’t bring the carbon dioxide out, they become retain the carbon dioxide which makes it so hard for them to breathe

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