Pros And Cons Of Oral Surgery

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The thought of oral surgery can be difficult at best, and nerve-wracking at worst. The best way to prepare for your oral surgery is to know as much as possible about the procedure and to discuss your anxieties and thoughts with your oral surgeon. This consultation is extremely important and can mean the difference between a successful surgery and a not-so-successful surgical outcome. In this article, we’ll discuss what to expect during your oral surgery consultation. Initial Review of your Medical History and Overall Health Before any oral surgery can be planned, your dental surgeon needs to know your medical history and general health. This helps them plan your treatment and avoid potential risks and oral surgery complications. A comprehensive …show more content…

Your surgeon may also provide you with a choice regarding anesthesia. The majority of patients prefer anesthesia that allows them to sleep through the procedure. However, your oral surgeon will discuss the pros and cons of each type of anesthesia and also the recommended type of anesthesia depending on your procedure. Any risks and complications that can result as an aftermath to oral surgery will also be discussed with you. Your oral surgeon will also talk about specific preparation on the day of the oral surgery. So, you may be asked to come for the surgery on an empty stomach, as many patients become nauseous during surgery. Your surgeon may also ask you to bring a designated driver with you on the day of the surgery. You will also be given a list of post-operative instructions to follow post-surgery. Your oral surgeon will also encourage you to ask as many questions that you want to and to clarify any doubts or concerns that you may have. These may include questions regarding what foods to eat after surgery, how long recovery will take, when to resume normal physical activities, and what medications to take and what to

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