Advantages And Disadvantages Of Being Single

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Marilyn Monroe said, "It is far better to be unhappy alone than unhappy with someone-so far." Certainly, your happiness does not depend on others. You can enjoy your life without being "lonely". If you break up from a terrible relationship, you must try to forget and leave your ex. So, being single is an acceptable alternative. There are two important reasons why being single is the right choice, which it gives your life more freedom, and people have more time to undertake the activities that they want.
Firstly, living with yourself makes you independent from others. In other words, you do not follow others’ life more than your own. Moreover, you are with yourself more than you are with anyone else (Ford Judy, 2004). For example, men do not have to worry about missing the Premier League football final to watch a drama series, for the sake of their partner. Additionally, you can make your decisions by yourself. In addition, freedom is more comfortable for your life. For example, if you decide to buy a car, you can make any decision without complaining or discussing the car’s color. In that case, you may feel free from the obligation to consult about the styling of the vehicle, so you will choose the one that you like. As well as, you do not have to ask anyone before buying. Therefore, you …show more content…

For this reason, married people claim that they share their stories with their partner whether they are pleasant and unpleasant. Moreover, they say that can get it off their chest to their partner. Moreover, people in long-term relationship state that a relationship can reduce stress, because their partner helps them to feel satisfying in many ways. Furthermore, they say that feeling alone does not happen, when they are with their partner. Because they believe that have their partner making them feel happier. Definitely, some people accept being in a relationship is an admirable choice for

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