Physical Isolation In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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In the form of physical isolation, Victor Frankenstein and his creation both experience this form of isolation. Physical isolation is the lack of physical contact with the rest of society which has different effects of Frankenstein and his creation. This is due to the fact that Victor Frankenstein’s physical isolation was his own personal choice while his creation was forced beyond its will. To focus more on Frankenstein’s physical isolation, his motivation to physically isolate himself from the rest of society is due to his own self interests. His interest in science contributes to his isolation due to the fact that he has no interest to be doing other things other than studying science. He finds independence and self-peace with his interest …show more content…

The location and setting where Frankenstein decided to conduct his scientific studies and ultimately create his monster shows how he isolated himself from the rest of the world. This obsession to be constantly alone is probably the reason why when Frankenstein successfully made his creation, he felt as if he was not alone anymore. This could be the major reason as to why he abandoned his creation so he could isolate any form of life including the one he created. This form of constantly wanting to be left alone is detrimental due to the fact that constantly neglecting family and society causes Victor to forget about the people who cared about him. After Victor fell ill and faced health issues after his creation, without the support from Clerval, he most likely would have died. Although everyone needs to be alone at times, it is not a healthy state to always be alone and it is necessary to have a companion or family to have contact with in times of difficulties and

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