Effects Of Globalization On Precision Farming

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The increasing technological development, climate change and globalisation contribute to the variability of the environment in which farms operate. Meeting these challenges and adapting to changes in this situation is a necessity for farms that want to be competitive on the market and develop further. Environmental requirements, labour costs and means of production and rising energy and fuel prices are a huge challenge for agriculture, which, in order to ensure the profitability of production and meet these challenges, has to choose the ways and directions of production . The solution may be the implementation of modern technologies of precision farming . It is a system using the latest technological developments, enabling environmentally friendly…show more content…
Such actions give the opportunity to increase yields of better quality, while reducing production costs and reducing environmental pollution . To achieve this, it is necessary to collect information on the natural variability of a given area. This information is used to prepare and carry out precise agrotechnical treatments (plant protection or fertilisation) which are adapted to the demonstrated variability. The creation of a digital picture of soil variability and richness is a prerequisite for the implementation of precision farming, and therefore the most important element of this is accurate maps using GPS and GIS techniques, showing the field contours and the variability of soil richness in macro- and microelements and the changing pH of the soil in a given area . Such information is obtained by means of field inspections, soil sampling and direct or remote measurement using standard optical, ultrasonic and vision sensors or systems. GIS maps are made for documentation purposes, for production process management and as a guideline for executive equipment during field operations. Field operations with maps are performed in two stages. During the first step, information is obtained and a map is created. In the second stage, the information contained on the map is used for precise execution of the treatment . The effect of such an action is to save plant protection products and fertilizers, reduce the chemicalization of agriculture and prevent overfertilisation of fields. Sometimes the total spreading of e. g. fertiliser on the field surface is very similar to the amount of

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