Advantages Of Precision Farming

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The increasing technological development, climate change and globalisation contribute to the variability of the environment in which farms operate. Meeting these challenges and adapting to changes in this situation is a necessity for farms that want to be competitive on the market and develop further. Environmental requirements, labour costs and means of production and rising energy and fuel prices are a huge challenge for agriculture, which, in order to ensure the profitability of production and meet these challenges, has to choose the ways and directions of production . The solution may be the implementation of modern technologies of precision farming . It is a system using the latest technological developments, enabling environmentally friendly production with optimised use of resources. One of the basic assumptions of this system is the adaptation of production technology to specific environmental conditions, taking into account the variability within individual fields. Precision farming is a highly effective agricultural management strategy that increases productivity and yield while reducing costs . The main goal of precision agriculture is to adjust fertilizer and pesticide doses to the current needs of the soil or plantation. Thanks to the possibility of collecting large amounts of information, this system enables to track the subsequent stages of plant production . In order to fulfill its role, it must be based on expertise and must implement new technologies that
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