Advantages Of Representative Democracy

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Nonetheless, some people think Teledemocracy could help with the problem caused by population. They declare that the technology improvement can solve this problem. People can vote on internet by using computer or self phone in a specified period, so they don’t have to go too far from their home or work place. These classes of people may have difficulty to spend their money on technological product. In another word Direct democracy, which is a form of government that all citizens decide policy by voting, had first applied in ancient Greece in the 5th century BC. At that period, democracy was not absolute “democracy”; women, foreigner and slaves had no right to participate in politics. Due to the modern-era, this circumstance got a bit of change. All the citizens in Switzerland had no restriction to vote. They vote on any politics issues from the smallest to the biggest in harmony. Obviously, direct democracy is more democratic; the majority can have the best. This inspired us an idea of direct democracy could work well today in the United States as well; nonetheless, it is too idealistic. This essay will clarify why government is important to our life, the strength and weakness of direct democracy compare to representative democracy, and why direct democracy is unfeasible for America. Undoubtedly, government is one of the most important components of people’s life. It influences us from the simplest price of food to the most complicated financial policy. More important,
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