How Has The Government Changed America

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Back on the day 's United States wasn 't the way it is today. Over years things have changed,people have changed, the government have changed. For United States to become this well developed country the society and specially the government had to put a lot of effort.
Government is the body of a nation, state or community. As we know, the government is the holder of a country, their decisions, what the do and how the do affects the society. Looking back on the past America had a different type of government. This type of government didn 't helped and didn 't cared a lot about the society. Small government is what was called which minimized its own activities. They were inefficient, caused problems, they weren 't helpful to the population. They cared most about themselves and …show more content…

The government wouldn 't support a movement if they didn 't agree with. People didn 't had freedom, freedom of expressing themselves, freedom to adorn a god, freedom to have what they have worked for, and freedom to be themselves. The situation got worse for years when America started to enter to the great depression. Great Depression was the longest and deepest economic downturn in the Western Industrialized world. During this period lots of people had lost their jobs, poor families had nothing to eat and to live off, country 's banks had failed. People were living off what they government gave them which wasn 't much. Herbert Hoover was the President at that time and his response to what was happening wasn 't so good. He believed that the economy goes through a cycle and that the government should let things run their course and eventually things would improve. As result of this many people thought that he wasn 't doing anything to help the country pass through the great depression, but on his last year as president he started to get more involved and try to help those who were suffering. He established programs and lows such as the Reconstruction

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