Affirmative Action Argumentative Analysis

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In this essay, Affirmative Action is looked upon as a positive attribute to minorities as a whole. In addition, it is a stepping stone that was put into place for minorities to be able to thrive. With Affirmative Action, there are more fair opportunities for an individual other than a Caucasian male or female. Thomas Jefferson said, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are treated equally…” this was embedded in the American way of life, but are all men created equally? Minorities in America are already at a disadvantage from birth. With Affirmative action, minorities can prove they are just as qualified as their white counterparts. Also, minorities are able to bring something different to the table coming from a non traditional …show more content…

As stated in the text “Affirmative Action does not help minorities; no matter how effective Affirmative Action is at increasing diversity in the United States, it violates the right of those people who are denied due to their skin color”( Lawhead). Eliminating affirmative action as a legal remedy would deny the importance of the history of racial oppression and caste discrimination in the United States (Flemming 38). Analyses presented in the article shows without affirmative action in place the standardized test such as the SAT would become even more important in the absence. The very thing hindering minorities will have a more pivotal role for students trying to enter a University or Institute. Most minorities when taking these test have to go through a prep class in order to score the average needed. This is additional money added to what they already have to pay to take the test. The people who create the bias test are the same ones providing these prep classes for the individuals who are struggling. At this point minorities are losing from both ends of the spectrum without affirmative action. Schools will continue to accept the majority (which is the predominantly white student). Also, those prep course provided will continue to gain money due to the fact that the minority need to score well on the exam to get into a school of their

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