Narrative Essay On African Americans

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Living in a place where you don’t know if stepping on your porch, or going to get your mail may be the last day of your life. I come from a very happy family but a very cruel world, everything that looks good is not good. Momma always told me no matter how bad a situation is I can drop to my knees and God will be there, and wherever I am his angels are always with me, so fear was rare. Often African Americans couples are not together, my mother and sisters father split up in the year of 2011. She was married to my sibling’s father for 17 years. They have four kids together 20, 19, 13, 9; Chasity, Charity, Shelby, and Camryn. My father’s name is Frank Rodgers I found out about my father at the age of 13, for the longest I thought I had the same …show more content…

As she explained to me my father sexually assaulted her and was currently locked up for murder. Searching the internet for more information on this man, more and more disturbing news pops up. Crying to my mother begging her not to tell my siblings, I was ashamed and I was already picked on about my hair and being a cry baby. I didn’t want to give my sisters anything else to pick on me about. She yelled “NO MATTER WHAT THE SITUATION IS YOU ALL ARE ALL MY KIDS, I GAVE BIRTH TO EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU ALL.” Writing poems just because now I know that this man is not my biological father so I began wondering, “do I have sisters, brothers, how many? “ Questioning myself because momma didn’t want to think or talk about him, but how can I be mad? Who would want to relive that situation? Momma told me she thought about an abortion, everyone’s so scared to get killed man think about not living at all what if I never would have had this opportunity to live this life or become the intelligent bright young lady I am …show more content…

I just don’t want them to change the way they look at me. Living in A house of six, knowing you are different from everyone else at a young age can really effect you, but as I got older I accept that even with me having a different father from all my other sisters that does not have to play a part in my life. No matter how sad I may get I know God will always be there for me. I never liked the fact my mother kept the situation about my father from me, but I guess it was a way of protection. I can say my mother and father created a beautiful child, and yes I may not be able to see my dad or know what he’s like as a person for myself. I still get the love from both my mother’s current husband and sister’s father, which I call dad. I’ve never needed for anything, and they’ve always pushed me and treated me the same as all my

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