African Americans In The 1920s Essay

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The Roaring Twenties has another name, in fact. The 1920’s can be referred to as The Jazz Age. The 1920’s was a time for African American’s to express themselves through many different art forms. The Great Migration is what caused many chain events that led to the Jazz Age. The Great Migration brought a tremendous amount of African Americans from the rural south to the urban north. Most, if not all, of these African Americans left the rural south due to the lack of economic opportunities, and harsh laws against them. They were intrigued to move to cities in the North because of the better pay they would receive for less work than they were doing in the South, a higher standard of living conditions, better political rights and to take …show more content…

Art forms originated from Harlem, New York since it was the largest black urban community in the United States at the time. By 1930, there was a population of almost 200,000 African Americans in Harlem, New York. The artistic amelioration was known as the Harlem Renaissance. African Americans used varying forms of art like acting, artwork, music and writing to express raw emotion and thought to the world. The most prominent genres of music during the Harlem Renaissance was Jazz. Jazz music was seen as a symbol of “modern” cultures of the cities. Many young adults used Jazz music to express their rebellion to their elders’. Jazz also benefited African Americans because it was a symbol of rebellion towards the set of standards in society, allowing them to move forward in status and culture. Furthermore, poets like Langston Hughes made a huge effect in American history with their works. Hughes helped to shape American literature and politics with his emotion-filled pieces. In the same fashion, Hughes advocated equality while chastising racism and injustice. Through his works, he was able to celebrate the culture and spirituality of African Americans. Ultimately, this had a very positive change in the lives of Americans by being able to show African Americans in a new light and

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