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On Saturday at 12pm, I decided to go to the Alcoholic Anonymous meeting at 822Cne 125 Street, Suite 111 North Miami, FL. It was the closest location near me that was open to Non-alcoholics. Upon enter this building, I had to stereotypical view on how this meeting would look like and be. And these stereotypes were foster by Television shows. The clean version would be everyone sitting in a circle, introducing their selves as everyone in the room respond back in unison, ‘‘Hi whatever that person name is’’. And the grimy version would be a room filled with addicts, with someone oozing with the scent of alcohol shaking uncontrollable. But what I notice was not a corny or boulder-line outrageous meeting, but a very homey atmosphere. The surrounding …show more content…

Although they have denied that any religious doctrine prevails in the organization. However, it difficult for me to agree with that statement since the meeting I was at seem to have a strong religious regimen from beginning to end. Besides, 12 step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous could contribute their success to the common goal the each member would like to reach: staying abstinence from alcohol no matter what urges. And the overall point of AA meetings would benefit someone who’s really to make a change in their life and being in control by alcohol. That person going into a AA meeting should keep in mind to they are not alone going in, the development of a caring relationship within the members, and that they will notice a height sense of spirituality. Although, someone who’s in denial won’t recognize they have a problem, also if there is someone enabling their addiction. And well, AA meeting keys to success would be the meeting are run in a social supporting setting that allows individuals to support each other’s efforts towards sobriety. And those members gains confident that they can maintain abstinence through any challenging social situations. At the end of my experience at an Alcohol Anonymous meeting, the information presented in class and the chapter 9 in the ‘‘Drug, Behavior, and Modern society’’ book didn’t drift off too far. The philosophy of AA stayed true to their famous twelve

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