Alfred Prufrock's The Love Song

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Alfred Prufrock is not a very interesting man, and odds are neither is his dating profile. Alfred is a man that just sort of drifts aimlessly from one common task to the next. However, he seems to think that the things he does is important and that he has a life changing question, although we never learn what it is. I get the impression that Prufrock is somewhat of an arrogant person because he always thinks that what he is doing is very important. He sees girls, and knows where they are, but he does not take the time to talk to them because he thinks that whatever he is doing is too important, and time just goes by. With respect to this idea, it seems like “The Love Song” is really about himself rather than others. Anyway time keeps going by and he realizes that he has not done anything interesting with his life and he dies. Starting with the profile picture, he mentions in his song that while he may not be the sharpest looking guy, his clothes are very nice and make him appear handsome and wealthy. His picture would have to be of him in some of his nicest …show more content…

We know that Prufrock is very passive and does do anything risky or extraordinary. He lives a very average life with little excitement. I also think that Prufrock would not want a girl that is too positive or peppy because he seems like the kind of guy that that enjoys a peaceful and sedentary lifestyle. Being as boring of a man as Prufrock is, his liking the beach is the one thing that is actually unique about him. So, it would make sense that his girl would have to like the beach. Prufrock is not a very glamorous man, and I think he would enjoy a woman that is not too flashy, but is humble and works hard. Likewise, he does not seem very wealthy so he would most likely be uncomfortable around a woman with lots of money. In the end, Prufrock is a simple man who requires a simple

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