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Within seconds of the bite I could feel the poison slowly start to spread through my veins, it didn’t hurt, but it was ice cold. I could feel it course through my body, tingling as it inched closer towards my heart; feeling as I had always imagined being bitten by a rattle snake may feel. I hadn’t known what to expect, after all, no one had ever been bitten by a zombie and lived to tell the tale. I was scared but accepted my fate almost immediately – after all, I had survived unscathed in this cruel version of what the world once was, much longer than ever would have been imagined. The end is finally here, were my final thoughts before I collapsed, hitting the floor hard, relieved of the escape from this awful nightmare that had become my life. Confusion swept over me, everything felt blurry and dull, as if I were trapped within my own body. My limbs seemed to move by themselves, no longer bothering to ask direction on where to go. …show more content…

Growing up, I would go there to play with my siblings and climb the jumbles of rocks that overlooked what seemed like the never-ending vast body of water, pretending that it went on forever. The place not only represented my childhood, but also the start of the end of it. Memories flooded back of endless summer nights of young teenage girls who would sneak down to the hidden beach to get too tipsy and laugh and flirt with boys and pretend that we were grown up. The beach represented not only childhood innocence, but also the longing to leave childhood behind, and this slower sluggish version of myself knew it. It seemed almost poetic that the place I had once felt most alive at would be the place my lifeless body would be pulled towards, almost as if gravity had propelled my body there

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