Personal Narrative On The Beach

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Three of us. We were the only ones left, the only ones to make it to the island. We started out with eight people. Ben, Rick, Jim, Ryan, James, Robert, Peter, and me. It had all happened when Ben dared us to go to the lake and take the ferry to the island in the center about five miles away from the shoreline. We decided to sneak out midnight and rendezvous next to the woods behind his house. I wore all black to where only my face was revealed and you could see my ashy blonde hair. When I got out of the house I went straight behind Ben’s house where the rest were all but Peter and James who were probably all having trouble sneaking out. Once they arrived fifteen minutes late we went straight into the forest and down the steep muddy slope and to the lake. The night air was crisp and cool and you could see the …show more content…

We stayed there for about five minutes in silence waiting and waiting to hear them start paddling again. But When I looked down into the water it wasn’t blue anymore. The water had turned pitch black. When I looked back up I was greeted by a monster the size of three houses and it snatched Ben right out of the boat. He started to scream and we grabbed his legs to keep him down but he was ripped in two. We all started to yell and I told them to paddle away from the monster but they sat there petrified. So I grabbed the paddles and I tried to go as fast as I could while the monster was busy snacking on Ben. I felt bad, really bad for Ben but we all know there is nothing we could do for him. I started to ponder this when I saw the island. I shouted to the others telling them we were almost there and we hit ashore. I jumped out and they ran straight into the cabin and we sat there. I peered out the window only to see the monster take Ben’s remains and sink back into the water. Never to be seen

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