Alice Paul Impact On Society

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“There will never be a new world order until women are a part of it.” (Az Quotes) Before the 19th amendment passed, nearly half the world didn’t have the choice to vote and someone had to do something about it. Would most people actually take a stand and dedicate their lives for it? Alice Paul chose to take a stand and commit her life to fight for women’s right to vote. Alice Paul was a strong women that fought hard and impacted women throughout the world. Alice Paul was born into a Quaker family on January 11, 1885. To be in a Quaker family where she lived was very common. Quakers believe in equality and practice their faith every day. This religion impacted almost everything Alice Paul is known for. They will stand up for what they believe …show more content…

Her impact has passed the nineteenth amendment which has given women the right to vote. One big impact Alice Paul has made is in 2008, there was ten million more women voters than men! This event in which there is a huge difference between the number of women voters and men voters is called the gender gap. After women started voting, the percentage has kept on growing. In 2012, fifty-three percent of voters were women. Since there has been more women voters, women have gained more power thanks to Alice Paul. Alice Paul has influenced women to take a stand, and to grow stronger. She has impacted women all over the world, and women have been inspired and finished what Alice Paul had left off on. Alice Paul is still impacting women in our world today to fight for something bigger. (Vote Run …show more content…

In 1923, (3 years after the nineteenth amendment was passed,) Alice Paul started fighting for human rights for equality. Alice had ideas about this which helped the amendment pass in 1972. The amendment was passed, but wasn't ratified. Alice Paul has impacted women into fighting for this by it never passing. There is one person that has been influenced by Alice Paul today that is making a difference. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was impacted by Alice Paul to do what she does today. Ruth works for the supreme court justice and is fighting for equality every day. Alice Paul has made a big impact to many women around the world to take a stand. (The

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