How Did Alice Paul Fight For Women's Suffrage

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Alice Paul empowered women all across the world to fight for women’s suffrage. Alice Paul is a brave woman who fought for what she believed in and persevere through anything that came in her way. Paul formed organizations to spread the word about women’s suffrage and to get people on board to support their cause. Alice Paul protested using many tactics such as marches, rallies, hunger strikes, and picketing outside of White House. Alice Paul is a woman who fought for women’s suffrage through the formation of organizations, assembling protests, rallies, parades and the ratification of the 19th amendment. Alice Paul proved she was a brave woman when she stood outside of the White House to protest about women’s suffrage. The signs the picketers held were created intending to put conflict towards President Wilson. Paul and a group of women from the National Women’s Party were protesting outside the White House, when the police came and arrested them for “Obstructing Traffic”. While they were in prison, Paul started a hunger strike by herself first and then eventually the other National Women’s Party members went on a hunger strike to prove that they weren’t giving up and would fight through anything. Alice and a few others were force fed through a torturous method. Alice Paul was moved to a sanitarium by …show more content…

Her protesting tactics have carried on to present day because they have a lasting effect on the topic people are fighting for. She also joined and formed organizations because she wanted her voice to be heard and to spread the idea or women’s suffrage around the United States. Alice Paul is a very empowering women, she caused women to stand up for what they believe in and to never back down no matter what comes in their way. Overall Alice Paul will always have a lasting impact on the United States because of her protesting tactics, formation of organizations and the ratification of the 19th

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