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The topic of equal rights is still as relevant today as it was back in the late 1800's when women were fighting for their rights. Though today we are fighting on a different level for different reasons, it is fair to say that the women that fought for their right to vote had to put up a very long and hard fight. Not only were they fighting to be seen as equal to men, they were also trying to get the world to see the progress they had made when their husbands went away to war. They were very adamant in trying to prove that not only could women do everything men could do, but they could also do it better in some cases. When the women who voiced their opinions were scoffed at by the men they knew they equaled, they knew they had to keep fighting if they wanted to have a chance for a full opportunity at …show more content…

They knew that picking away at every person that went against them was useless. Alice Paul organized the National Woman's Party in 1916 after the NAWSA let up on their fight for equality in the face of the new war. Many thought her unpatriotic because of her actions during this time. Before this, Alice Paul was involved in three years earlier in 1913 when she and members of the NAWSA organized a march on Pennsylvania Avenue the day before Wilson's first inauguration. Many people were confused on why she was so focused on the president. Her education in political science allowed her to understand that if she could get to the head of the White House then she could get to the rest of his party through him. However, she was generally ignored by Wilson. The NWP did not let up on their efforts. They stayed and picketed through the wartime, even through the bad weather. Katharine Morey and Lucy Burns were arrested on June 20 for calling the president a liar and obstructing traffic. Their picketing did not stop, and neither did the arrests. Toward the end of her life, Wilson wanted Paul put into an

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