Alice Paul: The Women's Suffrage Movement

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On January 11 1885, a beautiful young girl named Alice Paul was born. Her mother Tacie Paul was one of the first women to attend college. Tacie would have finished but she dropped out and she spent her final year marrying William Paul. William Paul is Alice’s father who is a successful business and community man. Alice loves to read and remembers going to suffrage meetings with her mother when she was young. Alice has to be an important model for her younger siblings. Alice went to college, she experienced protests, arrest, and meetings. She participated in the protest in Bermondsey. She was asked to speak on behalf of everyone but as soon as she went up the police arrested her. She kept in touch with her mother by describing the situations …show more content…

Alice was so determined to help achieve women’s suffrage through constitutional amendment. In 1869, two suffrage organizations were founded by Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton of National Woman Suffrage Association. From the start, NWSA secures the amendment of the United States to guarantee that a woman will vote. During Alice’s last days in England, she did everything she can to help. She returned home hoping she wouldn’t have to see reporters outside asking about her arrest or politics. In Washington, Paul became a household name in American circles. Despite how she is not a public speaker everyone wanted to know what is her suggestion on what to do. Everyone wanted to hear from Alice Paul. President William Taft did not favor women 's suffrage and that it’s clear for everyone. Taft’s speech upsets everyone based on what he said, “That women in general had to be denied the right to vote because of the possibility that the less desirable among them might actually vote while the more intelligent among them choose not to vote.” (Lunardi 34). Alice’s rally took place in Independence Square, where it had been dedicated to the founding fathers. The Independence rally attracted two thousand people more than ever hearing about woman suffrage in Philadelphia. Alice went back home, but Christabel persuades her to stay, but she denied the invitation. With Burns back in the US, Paul’s thesis finally became her and she is ready to tackle the American suffrage

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