Aliens In The Fifth Wave By Rick Yancy

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In Rick Yancy’s The Fifth Wave, a girl, named Cassie, must survive the waves alone. This story takes place in an alternative present day reality. Where Earth is being invaded by aliens. It’s like one of those apocalypse stories but without zombies. When the Aliens or Others invade the earth, they set off wave. During the first one the power goes out and everyone is in complete darkness the second wave comes and only the lucky escape from it. Then the third wave only the lucky survived. Next the fourth wave only one rule trust nobody. Then there was the fifth wave they became you! They walked among us and acted like us, they did this to kill us. This wave made the metropolis cities filled with debris and the smell from the dead corpses would …show more content…

For all she knows her brother Sammy could be dead. When Cassie finds him she finds out that Sammy is part of the silencers. Sammy then shoots Cassie in the knee, which makes her passes out. She wakes up in a barn house, where she meets a kid named Evan. Where she beings falling for him and forgetting about Ben Parish her crush since 3rd grade. After time has passed she goes and sees the children military and finds a shocking sight. It was Ben Parish. He must have become a soldier after the first wave started, and survived this whole time fighting the Others. After a while Sammy gets assigned to Ben’s Squad for training. This eventually leads to Sammy taking a liking to him. Besides that, another soldier named Ringer finds out that they have been brainwashed. They brainwashed them to think that Humans are the Others and the Others are the Humans. This eventually leads to Cassie going to save Sammy before they do it to him. Also to stop the Others from creating more troops. Cassie heads to the camp Called Cape Haven in hopes to find Sammy. She ends up finding Ben first. This was where Ben and Cassie expected to find Sammy. To remove him from the Others, before they brainwash him into thinking that Humans are Others and Others are

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