Allan W. Eckert's The Frontiersmen

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“The Frontiersmen” was written by Allan W. Eckert in 1967. It is a narrative historical fiction story. The book is full of excitement and adventure chronicling the relationship between the American frontiersman and the Native Americans. Mr. Eckert did research for seven years, hiking around the United States. He learned to live off the land and find out all that he could about wildlife and survival during difficult circumstances. His years of living off the land paid off with the writing of The Frontiersman; it contains factual information combined with some fictional situations making it exciting and interesting while, at the same time, giving the reader many situations which help to understand a lot about the history of a young United States between the French and Indian War and the War of 1812. The author uses a dialogue between the two main characters, Simon Kenton (a Kentucky frontiersman and Tecumseh (the leader of the Shawnee Indians) to keep the story flowing and full of adventures. The book tells of the differences between the white settlers and the Indians, and it highlights battles and challenges told from both perspectives. There was danger and injustice which confronted them daily, yet they maintained a certain respect for each other. There seemed to be constant interaction between Kenton and Tecumseh as they sought to further their belief in their individual cause. Tecumseh was a Native American leader of the Shawnee and a large…show more content…
It tells of the greatness and the tragedy of the American Indian. It also tells of the greatness and tenacity of the early white settlers. The only weakness was it could be confusing when trying to keep up with the many letters which were used to tell the various stories. Anyone who loves history and enjoys action along with the human side of conflict would enjoy reading this

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