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John F. Kennedy will always be remembered for how his presidency ended and how it started. On January twentieth, nineteen sixty-one, John F. Kennedy inaugurated his presidency with a memorable and inspiring speech, just after winning the election by one of the smallest popular vote margins in history. Integrated in the end of the speech, Kennedy suggested actions the audience should achieve while conveying numeral key messages. Americans are inspired by the strength and hope put into his speech, as well as the energy emitted from his crucial themes that are portrayed by allusions from history and the bible, ethos and pathos, and phrases are emphasized by using zeugma and juxtaposition towards the end of his speech which inspire the public to …show more content…

The “city upon a hill” excerpt written by John Winthrop explicates the pride held by the Puritans, thinking others would admire them. Kennedy desires to have the hopefulness and gratification in Americans under his presidency. Significantly, Kennedy wants America to be a country that “...glow[s] from that fire [and] can truly light the world” (Kennedy 24) like “City upon a Hill”; the country would be an example for others. Additionally, he declares that Americans must “rejoic[e] in hope, [and be] patient in tribulation”( Kennedy 22) alluding to the Bible. Followers under Kennedy should be faithful and willing to sacrifice themselves, in order to make the country superior. In the closing paragraph of the speech, Kennedy commands citizens to “...lead forth the land we love, asking His blessing and His help…” (Kennedy 27) presenting that some deeds should be done for the nation that are dedicated to God. Furthermore, Kennedy utilizes the Bible and historical events to light inspiration in Americans. This also, amplifies his credibility, showing that citizens need pride and ingenuity. Overall, the allusions to history and the bible create an encouraging mood for Americans to surrender for their country, presenting the key messages that citizens must be

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