Almighty Alah Speech

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Almighty ALLAH (God) quoted in surah Maryam
If you recite Surah Al Akhlas three times you will be rewarded for reciting the full HOLY QURAN . (BookBukhari)

And He said (Hazrat Jibrail A.S (angel Gabriel) Pbuh) your ALLAH (God) send me to you ( Hazrat MARIAAM,pbuh) and I will grant you a pious son.
These verses are open prove from the holy Quran, no doubt only almighty ALLAH (GOD) is one who grants everything, but the special people (Saints PROHETS, ) of almighty ALLAH( God) can also grant to the seekers, because of their authorities which were granted by almighty Allah(GOD). They can help with difficulties; seeking help from them (SAINTS AND PROHETS) is permissible. These days, it is necessary to create awareness in the Ummah (the devotees) and show them the reality (righteous path). To protect right and true believing is the biggest Jihad. (Fight against satin) It is our duty to spread the truth as far as we can. (The message about the righteous path)
Seeking from prophet Peace Be upon Him is indeed seeking from almighty God
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For the first time in our life we have witnessed such a gathering. There are only two things in this gathering which we did not like, if you abstain from those two things then it will become the best gathering ever. I (LASANI SARKAR) said to them “please explain to Me these two things? If We are wrong, surely we will accept your suggestion. They

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