Aluminum Oxide Lab Report

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Yashmakova, Alexandra 9/3 21 February, 2016 RESEARCH PARAGRAPHS ALUMINUM OXIDE Aluminum oxide is a chemical compound with the chemical formula Al2O3 which consists of oxygen and aluminium. It is found in the nature as the mineral corundum which is colourless and very hard substance used as an abrasive. Aluminum oxide is characterised with its colour, insolubility in water and its melting point which is 2030 oC. The boiling point of this compound is 2977oC. Its density is 3.97 g/cm³. The corundum which is found in the…show more content…
It is white spongy gelatinous substance which does not dissolve in water. It is found in the nature as the mineral hydrargilite and reacts with stong bases only under heating. The melting point of that compound is 300oC. Its density is 2.1 - 2.7 g/cm3. Aluminum hydroxide is amphoteric which means that it reacts easily both with strong acids and strong bases. An example is the reaction of Aluminum hydroxide with sulfuric acid when dialuminum trisulfate is formed. This compound is used in many different ways and is added to products that we use in our everyday lives. This compound is used as a water purifier, is put in cosmetics, medicines and last but not least plays an important role in the photographic development processes. In medicine Aluminum hydroxide is used for the production of vaccines for some of the most important illnesses part of which are hepatitis a, hepatitis B, tetanus and many other. It is also put in medicines which deal with the right development of the immune system. Another place where this compound is used are the cosmetics which people use in their everyday skin care such as deodorants, conditioners, toothpastes, products for skin cleaning due to its ability to act as a skin protectant. Aluminum hydroxide is also used in the production of glass and cement, in the textile industry for the production of waterproof…show more content…
Ernest Rutherford established the nuclear theory of the atom by performing his gold-foil experiment. This experiment is based on the research of alpha particles (He2+). First Rutherford took a piece of radium and put it into a lead box. The lead box had small box which was left so that the alpha particles can go in the direction he wanted. After that he shot the alpha particles at a piece of gold foil, thinking that they will pass through it. After shooting the alpha particles most of them went straight through as he expected, but he also saw couple of them be deflected a little bit. He put a detector screen all the way around the gold foil and found out that every one in twenty thousand alpha particles hits the gold foil and bounces back. Finally he concluded that there is something tiny and positively charged in the centre in which when the electrons hit they bounce back called the nucleus surrounded by electrons and lots of empty space. This was called the Nuclear model. Soon after that Bohr showed that the theory of Rutherford is wrong by proving that electrons travel in specific shells and orbits around the nucleus. After closer look at the theory of Rutherford Bohr found out that in order this theory to work atoms have to have orbital shells with defined shapes. He used quantum mechanics in order to prove his theory. The way he made his discovery was by shooting light at

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