Amanda Castro Research Paper

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Ariel Castro was born in Puerto Rico on July 10, 1960. He moved to Cleveland, Ohio, in his young years where members of his extended family had already lived. In 1992, Castro bought a house at 2207 Seymour Avenue, he initially lived there with his wife and four children. Castro was very well known within his community. He was the bus driver of his community school. However, Castro was allegedly violent with his wife and she left him in 1996, taking custody of their children as well. It was also stated that Castro had mental issues from on the inside of his family perspective, but they could not describe what was really going on in Castro’s marriage. Some may believe that since Castro was always alone and did not pick back up in his romantic…show more content…
Castro had seen Amanda Berry walking from school and had asked her if she needed a lift. Amanda Berry had known him from knowing Castro’s daughter in middle school. Castro had then brought up if Amanda had known his daughter and wanted to see if Amanda would love to stop by the house to see his daughter. Amanda had replied “yes”. As soon as they got into the house Amanda had asked where was Castro’s daughter and he had stated that his daughter was probably taking a shower, so Amanda had then waited for several minutes to where she had to go to the bathroom and Castro had made her go into the dark basement. Then right before Amanda Berry’s eyes she had then knew that she would never get out of the house. Several months go by and Castro puts a television downstairs in the basement and shows Amanda Berry that her family is looking for her. Castro had told her that she would not be able to leave until the summer to where he could kidnap another victim and release Amanda. But she knew that that would not be as promised. She had then realized that there was another female in the house which had been Michelle Knight who had looked Maltreated and chained up against the bedpost to where she didn’t know what was going on until she finally figured out that he must be on the prowl for his next
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