American Ethos Pathos Logos

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The speech, “ABOARD THE USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN(CNN)...” by President George W. Bush informs Americans are protected and America can handle any conflicts in American since America won the war on terror. The current tone and status of America are confident because Bush causes Americans feel confident. The three rhetorical choices that Bush uses throughout his speech is pathos, anaphora and parallel structure to convince Americans are safe. Bush proves America is winning the war on terror and attempts to convince Americans are safe through the use of pathos which causes Americans feel safer. Bush uses pathos in paragraph 7 by stating, “ When Iraq civilians looked into the faces of our service men and women, they saw strength and kindness and good …show more content…

Bush uses the words “any person” to obtain Americans attention by indicating that no matter who the person is that if any person brings risk to American the person who brought risk will be punished making Americans think America think punishments are a result of justice. He also repeats the word “terrorist” 4 times which generates Americans to think that terrorists are the ones who bring more danger to America and won’t know when terrorists could be attacked. However, Bush persuades that Americans are protected by using the phrases “is complicit in the murder….target of American justice...will be confronted..” leading the Americans to think that when American finds out someone is a risk to America there will be quick consequences causing to penalty and treated as a terrorist. Overall, Americans feel relieved of America for bringing justice for whoever tries to harm America in order to protect

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